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Uusi Sauna (The New Sauna)

Helsinki, Finland

Explore the classic public Finnish Sauna, Uusi Sauna, or "New Sauna" which brings the classic neighborhood sauna into the 21st century with a combination of a public sauna with a terrace, and a bar and bistro.


About Uusi Sauna

Uusi Sauna has separate wood pellet heated saunas for male and female visitors. The steam rooms have space for approximately 20 bathers at a time. The changing rooms are spacious with 54 lockers in the men’s department, and 40 in the women’s side.

Uusi Sauna has also a separate electric heated sauna, that is open for mixed-gender groups during the weekends from 16 pm onwards (swimming suit or towel required). The electric sauna can be booked for private occasions as well.

Terhen organizes unique sauna experiences with a modern twist at the New Sauna. Gather your own group and come enjoy well-being with us. More about future events behind the link!



Director: Mika Hotakainen

DP: Sampo Johansson

Editor: Kate Linhardt

Sound: Mika Hotakainen

Writers: Mika Hotakainen, Samuel Aarnio, & Cast

Production Services: Film Service Finland ltd


Owner - Kimmo Helistö

Host - Samuel Aarnio

Joppe Quaedvlieg

Joyce Ahtola

Julius Laukka

Eri Azuchi

Anna Zahrmann



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