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Who We Are


Sauna Channel was born after Bray's Run Productions produced the TV show, "Perfect Sweat" inspired by Mikkel Aaland's book of the same name. The Perfect Sweat series focuses primarily on saunas, but the places and people in the sweat-bathing culture inspired us so much that we wanted to keep going, and share all of these wonderful locations with a wider audience, so we created Sauna Channel that incorporates more than saunas to include spas and bathhouses, as well as hot springs.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Bray's Run Productions creates documentary feature and short films, TV series, narrative films, and branded content.

Learn more about Bray’s Run Productions.

Sauna Channel Team:

Filmmakers: Sho, Samuel, Sasha, Zack, Taliesen, Ben  |  Editors: Kate, Alex, Kaoru, Ben, Aki, Altti 

Digital Strategist: Nicole C. Scott | Motion Graphics Design: 7G Productions


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