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Sommerhus Sauna

Somero, Finland

Journey with us as we explore a private, multi-generational "Sommerhus Sauna" summerhouse in Somero, Finland. Disclaimer: This video contains nudity


About Sommerhus Sauna

Samuel's Somero Sommerhus (Finnish for Summerhouse) was built generations ago and is a great example of what slow living looks like.

Traditions have been passed down from grandfather, to mother, to son such as cutting and drying wood, using the lake water for the sauna, and making birch bundles for the sauna.

Although this cabin is without electricity, there are modern improvements such as a refrigerator, and a newly added wood-burning hot tub as well. What a charming and welcome respite for friends and family!



Director: Mika Hotakainen

DP: Sampo Johansson

Editor: Kate Linhardt

Sound: Mika Hotakainen

Writers: Mika Hotakainen & Samuel Aarnio

Production Services: Film Service Finland ltd


Samuel Aarnio

Joppe Quaedvlieg

Julius Laukka


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