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Oslo, Norway

SALT, is an architectural wonder that celebrates food, art, and music and badstue (Norweigan for sauna) culture.


“SALT is a nomadic art project on Langkaia in Oslo, overlooking the Opera House. The project brings together art, music, food and architecture in several spectacular wooden constructions designed by Sami Rintala (Rintala Eggertsson Architects). Salt also has one of Oslo’s biggest outdoor seating areas which is open all year round. Here, you can enjoy the cool breeze from the fjord in summer and the warmth of the fireplaces in winter.” ~ Visit Norway

Bonus: This video was produced from additional footage from the Norway episode of our Perfect Sweat Series.



Director/DP: Erik Johnsen Producer: Robin Hansen Tangen

Editor: Alex Albers Production Manager: Eva Uddu

Production Coordinator: Rebekka Røed


Christoffer Bauer Andreassen

Michael Maack



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