GreenBoats Sauna

Oslo, Norway

Learn about the all-electric GreenBoats Sauna from two friends who are frequent visitors. directs now, to the Oslo Fjord sauna, as GreenBoats is now permanently closed.

"From Tuesday to Sunday GreenBoats offer different sauna experiences, from morning sauna sessions with ice bathing in the winter, drop-in sessions with salt scrubs, fresh fruit, and relaxing music, to their own interpretation of the German “Aufguss” ritual." ~ Visit Norway - GreenBoats Sauna "GreenBoats is an electric boat and sauna company located in Aker Brygge. Book a private sauna for up to 14 people or join one of our many drop-in sessions." ~ GreenBoats Sauna - Trip Advisor

Crew Director, DP: Erik Johnsen

Producer: Robin Hansen Tangen

Production Coordinator: Rebekka Røed

Production Manager: Eva Uddu

Editor: Alex Albers Cast Christoffer Bauer Andreassen Michael Mack Thorud


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