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Oslo Fjord Sauna

Oslo, Norway

Jump off the floating raft saunas at the Fjord in Oslo, Norway.


About Fjord Sauna

Embark on a unique adventure with two friends who have uncovered the perfect prelude to fjord diving – indulging in a rejuvenating sweat on one of the many floating sauna rafts near Oslo's iconic opera house. This dynamic duo has found that the juxtaposition of the invigorating sauna experience against the backdrop of the picturesque Oslo Fjord sets the stage for an even more enjoyable and refreshing fjord diving escapade.

The Oslo Fjord, with its pristine waters and stunning vistas, becomes an unconventional yet captivating setting for a floating sauna experience. As these friends unwind in the soothing warmth of the sauna, they absorb the serene atmosphere and prepare both body and mind for the exhilarating plunge into the fjord's refreshing waters. The combination of heat and cold immersion becomes a harmonious ritual, creating a unique and unforgettable connection with nature.

The fjord becomes a mesmerizing backdrop, enhancing the overall sauna experience and setting the stage for an adventure that seamlessly combines relaxation and exploration.

For those intrigued by the concept of saunas amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Oslo Fjord, a wealth of information awaits at the Visit Oslo website (

Discover the perfect sauna raft to complement your fjord diving escapade, and delve into the cultural and wellness offerings that make this unconventional pairing a must-try experience.



Director, DP: Erik Johnsen

Production Coordinator: Rebekka Røed

Production Manager: Eva Uddu

Producer: Robin Hansen-Tangen

Editor: Alex Albers

Cast Christoffer Bauer Andreassen Michael Mack Thorud


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