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Praisie Spring

Siwa, Egypt

Learn about the healing properties of Praisie Spring - a cool water spring in an oasis of the Saharan desert region of Siwa, Egypt.


About Praisie Spring

"Siwa's very isolation helped protect a unique society that until today stands apart from mainstream Egyptian culture. Originally settled by Berbers (roaming North African tribes), Siwa was still practically independent only a few hundred years ago." ~ BBC Travel - Siwa: an Egyptian Oasis

Discover the therapeutic secrets of Praisie Spring, a hidden gem nestled in the Saharan desert region of Siwa, Egypt. This locally-renowned cool water spring not only quenches the physical thirst of the oasis but also holds a reputation for its healing properties, weaving a narrative that transcends the arid landscapes of the Sahara.

Siwa, a realm of isolation within the vast expanse of the desert, has safeguarded a unique society that stands as a distinct cultural enclave, detached from mainstream Egyptian influences. Originally settled by Berbers, nomadic North African tribes, Siwa's historical narrative unfolds as a tale of resilience and independence. Even in recent centuries, Siwa remained practically autonomous, maintaining a cultural identity that sets it apart from the broader Egyptian cultural landscape.

Praisie Spring emerges as a testament to the enduring spirit of Siwa, offering cool and refreshing waters in the heart of the desert. Beyond its physical attributes, the spring is celebrated for its perceived healing properties, a natural elixir that has drawn people to its waters for centuries. The oasis, with its unique blend of Berber traditions and the timeless allure of desert landscapes, becomes a sanctuary where the healing essence of Praisie Spring intertwines with the cultural fabric of Siwa.

As you delve into the significance of Praisie Spring, you become a participant in the timeless narrative of Siwa—an oasis that has not only sustained life in the harsh desert environment but has also fostered a community with a cultural identity shaped by centuries of isolation. The cool waters of Praisie Spring, echoing with the whispers of Berber heritage, invite visitors to experience not just physical rejuvenation but a profound connection to the historical and cultural tapestry of Siwa.



Director: Andreas Johnsen Producer: Rosforth Music: CHLLNGR

Cast Daniel Draper


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