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Cleopatra's Spring

Siwa, Egypt

Journey to the desert oasis of Cleopatra's Spring in the Sahara Desert of Siwa, Egypt.


About Cleopatra's Spring

"Beautiful place to stop and either dip into the pool as children were doing the day we visited. Or you can have a lovely relaxing drink in the shade, we tried two different lovely fresh and refreshing drinks made from herbs grown from the garden." - Tripadvisor

Explore the sacred enclave of Cleopatra's Spring, an iconic site nestled within the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert in Siwa, Egypt. This natural wonder holds not only historical significance but also stands as a popular destination for both tourists and locals, offering a serene retreat adorned with cafes and the allure of crystal-clear waters.

Known as the "Eye of the Sun," Cleopatra's Spring's name dates back to the 5th century BC, a testament to its enduring legacy in Siwa's rich history. Historian Herodotus bestowed this appellation upon the spring, highlighting its prominence even in ancient times. Today, it remains one of the natural gems of the Siwa Oasis, drawing visitors from far and wide as the most renowned attraction in the region.

The spring serves as a gateway to the Oracle Temple, adding a layer of mystique to its already enchanting ambiance. Cleopatra's Spring emerges not just as a source of water but as a sacred nexus where history, mythology, and nature converge. Local lore suggests that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself graced these waters with her presence during a visit to Siwa, infusing the site with an ethereal aura that continues to captivate the imagination.

A cluster of cafes dotting the surroundings offers a tranquil setting to savor the beauty of the oasis. Travelers can choose to immerse themselves in the refreshing waters or opt for a leisurely reprieve in the shade, enjoying a variety of fresh and herb-infused drinks inspired by the oasis's own garden.

Cleopatra's Spring invites you to traverse the sands of time and immerse yourself in the splendor of Siwa, where history, natural beauty, and contemporary pleasures converge in the heart of the Sahara Desert.



Director: Andreas Johnsen Producer: Rosforth Music: CHLLNGR

Cast Daniel Draper


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