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Bir Wahed Springs

Siwa, Egypt

Journey with us as we explore the oasis of Bir Wahed Springs, a hot spring in the Sahara Desert of Siwa, Egypt.


About Bir Wahed Springs

"A favorite excursion is the cold freshwater lake at Bir Wahed. Once over the top of a high dune, you come to [Bir Wahed Springs], a hot spring, the size of a large jacuzzi, where sulfurous water bubbles in a pool and runs off to irrigate a garden. Cooling down in the lake, and then watching the sun setting over the dunes while soaking in a hot spring is a surreal experience. This spring sits among the dunes on the edge of the Great Sand Sea, and amazing sunsets are guaranteed." ~ BBC Travel - Siwa: An Egyptian Oasis More about the Siwa region: "The Siwa area of Egypt is an Oasis in the Sahara Desert. "The oasis has nearly 200 springs from which approximately 190 thousand square meters of water flow on a daily basis, making it Egypt's biggest groundwater reservoir." ~ Egyptian Geographic - Siwa Oasis: The Land of Palm Trees, Olives, Sulphur Springs and the Best in Medical Tourism


Director: Andreas Johnsen Producer: Rosforth Music: CHLLNGR

Cast Daniel Draper

Camilla Ainley Yusef


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