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Hottarakashi Onsen | ほったらかし温泉

Yamanashi, Japan


About Hottarakashi Onsen | ほったらかし温泉

Follow us on a soul-soothing journey with Sho Ikushima and his brother, Yuki, as they invite you to revel in the awe-inspiring vistas of Mt. Fuji at Hottarakashi Onsen, a captivating hot springs located just 90 minutes outside of Tokyo. This scenic escape promises not only a respite from the bustling city life but also an immersion into the tranquility and natural beauty that defines the Japanese countryside.

Nestled in Yamanashi, Japan, Hottarakashi Onsen is more than a mere hot springs facility; it is a sanctuary where the therapeutic waters of the onsen converge with breathtaking panoramas. As you soak in the warmth of the mineral-rich baths, your senses are greeted by the majestic silhouette of Mt. Fuji and the expansive Kofu basin, creating an unforgettable backdrop for relaxation and contemplation.

The onsen experience at Hottarakashi is elevated by the availability of two uniquely named baths, each offering its own distinct charm. These baths not only provide a rejuvenating soak but also serve as vantage points from which to appreciate the natural wonders that surround the facility. It's a holistic encounter that seamlessly blends the healing properties of the onsen with the visual poetry of the Japanese landscape.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the offerings of Hottarakashi Onsen, the Official Travel Guide to Yamanashi provides comprehensive insights into the facility. Discover the history, traditions, and additional amenities that make this onsen a cherished retreat for locals and travelers alike.

Whether you are a connoisseur of hot springs or a seeker of stunning landscapes, Hottarakashi Onsen beckons with open arms, inviting you to unwind, reflect, and bask in the sheer beauty of Mt. Fuji.



Director: Michael La Burt

Producer: Sho Ikushima of 034Productions Director of Photography (DP) / Drone: Peter Majtan Drone/Camera Assistant: Shuko Kitazawa

Sound Mixer: Steven LeFever

Editor: Alex Albers

Cast Sho Ikushima, Yuki Ishima, Rie Kawase, & Kiyoshi Kubota


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