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Kusatsu, Japan

Time to relax in one of Kusatsu’s natural hot spring baths, commonly known as onsen, with Sho Ikushima at Otakinoyu.

Disclaimer: This video contains nudity


"Otakinoyu gives bathers a chance to experience the traditional awase-yu bathing culture, where several baths are taken in turn, each hotter than the last. In the recently renovated bath, the wooden pillars reach up to the ceiling, resembling tall trees standing in the mist as the hot spring steam wraps around them, giving the feeling of being outdoors. Known as the “hot spring of beauty,” Otakinoyu is just minutes from the Yubatake hot water fields of Kusatsu. Drawing its water from the Nikawa hot spring source with acidic sulfur, Otakinoyu’s 100% natural free-flowing water baths have long been beloved by Japanese men and women alike. The awase-yu baths with gradually escalating temperatures have been popular since ancient times and may be the secret to clear and healthy skin." ~ Otakinoyu Kusatsu Onsen



Director, DP: Kaoru Ima of Exhibit Films Producer: Sho Ikushima of 034Productions

Editor: Alex Albers

Assistant Camera / Sound Recordists: Ice Elloso; Ryan Gilchrist

Cast Sho Ikushima Yuki Ikushima

Ippei Osako

Kojiro Kudo

Kei Asanuma

Manatsu Tanaka

Miki Tokairin



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