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Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

Sinsheim, Germany

Enjoy Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim, a wellness destination in Sinsheim, Germany. Important Note: Be sure to book your visit in advance, as they do not accept walk-ins.


About Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

Therme & Badewelt Sinsheim is a popular spa and wellness complex located in Sinsheim, Germany. This facility is known for offering a wide range of amenities and features for guests to enjoy. Keep in mind that services and facilities may change over time, so it's best to visit their official website or contact them directly for the most current information.

Here's a general overview of what guests can enjoy at Therme & Badewelt Sinsheim:

  1. Pools: The facility offers a variety of indoor and outdoor pools, including a plunge pool, a shower, infinity pool- all with with different temperatures, as well as mineral pools with 18% salt.

  2. Saunas: Therme & Badewelt Sinsheim is known for its extensive sauna offerings. Guests can experience 13 types of individual and themed saunas, including Finnish sauna, barrel saunas, a sauna boat, koi sauna, tropical sauna, coffee sauna, cinema sauna, steam baths, herbal saunas featuring eucalyptus, peppermint, spruce needle, and more. There is even an option for a free Physiotherm infrared cabin.

  3. Wellness and Spa Treatments: Guests can often indulge in wellness and spa treatments such as classic (neck, partial, and full, or lymphatic), ayurvedic, and Chinese style (ie: honey, shiatsu, or hot stone massages), as well as couples massages. There are even massage tables that offer 10 to 20 minutes, if you don't want a 30 to 5 minute treatment. They offer other healing modalities as well, such as sound therapy, and aufgus

  4. Relaxation Areas: The facility typically has designated relaxation areas where guests can unwind in a tranquil environment like the sensory path, or infrared loungers, as well as the Sky Lounge, sauna garden, and palm paradise areas which also feature lounger services for an extra fee.

  5. Heath & Nutrition: For those looking to explore wellness further, ,a heath and nutrition coach is available every Thursday for body analysis tests and lectures.

  6. Restaurants and Cafes: Living Garden restaurant offers fresh dishes and desserts

  7. Poolside Bars: Some areas may have swim-up bars or poolside bars where guests can enjoy cocktail drinks while in the water, and they also offer juice bars for smoothies and juices, so there are options with our without alcohol. (If for whatever reason, the juice bar isn't open, smoothies are still available at their restaurant).

  8. Sunbathing Areas: They have a few Solariums (660 & 880) to up your vitamin D. You can book those for 5 minutes each



Director: Sasha Kulak Producer: Vladimir Stanoi

Sound: Leila Masharipova Editor: Aki Kettula

Cast Darya Golova

Vladimir Stanoi


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