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Prenzlauer-Berg, Berlin, Germany

Spend some time in the saunas and garden of Saunabad in Berlin, Germany.

"A small and very relaxing sauna in the heart of [Prenzlauer-Berg]. there are two sauna rooms, one in the main section and the other one you reach through a small cobble-stoned courtyard which has seating areas and beautiful sculptures of Giacometti-like proportions. once an hour is "aufguss" time, when water, mixed with [ethereal] oils, is poured onto the hot stones. wonderful and relaxing" ~ Travelocity Review



Director: Wolfgang Ettlich

Director of Photography (DP): Hans Albrecht Lusznat Assistant Director/Production Manager: Aljoscha Huber Sound: Silvio Reichenbach Music: Dieter Schleip

Editors: Jonas Egert & Kate Linhardt


Jana Menge

Stefano Gavioli

Sandra Wollgast



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