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Stillness in Tecopa

Tecopa, California, USA

Jaeroll and friends embark on a spiritual journey, communing with nature, performing rituals, and setting their intentions during the new moon and summer solstice out in the remote desert hot springs of Tecopa. Disclaimer: This video contains nudity


Tecopa, in Southern California, offers a number of natural hot springs in a natural setting, complete with about 100 camping spaces. There's no cell service, and no texting. Anyone who is also into exploring for nearby minerals can find amethysts, opals, and petrified wood.

Tecopa Hot Springs offers soaking for the day with numerous springs to choose from ranging from free to ones that are only accessible with the purchase of a $ 10-day pass. The springs are frequented by nature lovers and campers that use the springs in the nude. They spring directly up from the ground and are muddy.

"You’re in the middle of nowhere, and amazing things happen,” says Amy Noel, who owns the Tecopa Hot Springs Resort next to the campground. ~ Las Vegas Weekly

Crew Director, Editor: Winston Moon

Production Assistant: Bradley Swan Sound: Dane Davis

Cast Jaeroll Mones Monica Garcia Rosemary Fajardo



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