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Stillness in Tecopa

Tecopa, California, USA

Embark on a journey to find stillness at a natural hot spring in Tecopa, California, USA.


About Stillness in Tecopa

Experience a transformative spiritual odyssey with Jaeroll and friends as they immerse themselves in the sacred embrace of nature, performing rituals, and setting intentions under the mystical convergence of the new moon and the summer solstice in the remote desert hot springs of Tecopa.

Nestled in Southern California, Tecopa unveils a surreal landscape where natural hot springs become a conduit for profound connection and self-discovery. The desert, austere and vast, sets the stage for a communion with the earth as Jaeroll and companions navigate a spiritual journey amidst the captivating stillness of the desert.

The allure of Tecopa lies not just in its spiritual resonance but also in the raw beauty of its natural setting. Surrounded by approximately 100 camping spaces, this remote haven offers an escape from the trappings of modern life. With no cell service, the immersive experience becomes a digital detox, allowing guests to truly connect with the primal energies of the desert.

Tecopa goes beyond being a mere spiritual retreat; it's a haven for mineral enthusiasts as well. Seekers of hidden treasures can explore the desert expanse to discover amethysts, opals, and petrified wood, adding an extra layer of mystique to the journey.

The heart of Tecopa lies in its natural hot springs, where the earth's geothermal energy manifests in pools ranging from free to those accessible with the purchase of a $10-day pass. Frequented by nature lovers and campers (visit the tecopa campground website), these springs emerge directly from the ground, their muddy embrace providing an authentic connection with the primal forces beneath the surface.

In the Las Vegas Weekly, Amy Noel, owner of Tecopa Hot Springs Resort, aptly states, "You're in the middle of nowhere, and amazing things happen." The desert's profound stillness and the thermal embrace of the hot springs create an environment where the boundaries between the self and nature blur, fostering an atmosphere of introspection and awe.

For those seeking a transformative escape into the heart of nature, Tecopa Hot Springs stands as a testament to the profound experiences that unfold when one surrenders to the ancient rhythms of the desert. It's a place where spirituality intertwines with the earth, and the journey becomes a dance between the self and the vast expanse of the desert landscape.


Crew Director, Editor: Winston Moon

Production Assistant: Bradley Swan Sound: Dane Davis

Cast Jaeroll Mones, Monica Garcia, & Rosemary Fajardo


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