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Travertine Hot Springs

Bridgeport, California, USA

Travel to a peaceful hot spring in Bridgeport, California, perfect for reflection and even some yoga.


About Travertine Hot Springs

A real gem in the Eastern Sierras in California, this soak destination is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), so you can plan on free, undeveloped camping nearby on back roads. Note: this location is frequented by bathers in the nude, and the pools do not have any concrete, the bottom is mud. Getting there: From Bridgeport, go south on Highway 395 and turn left on the unmarked paved road before the Forest Service Office. A few miles on a dirt road off of Highway 395 will take you to Travertine Hot Springs. A short distance from the first set of the hottest pools, there's a great view of Sawtooth Ridge. Further east through travertine rock, there are four small pools in a meadow.



Director: Jessica Jones Director of Photography (DP): JJ Harris Associate Producer: Manjula Varghese Editors: Claudia Escobar & Kate Linhardt Cast Satya de la Paz

Nicole Herefor

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