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Mobile Sauna Berlin (Barrel Sauna)

Berlin, Germany

Andrej Friesen, the founder of Mobile Sauna Berlin, delivers a barrel sauna experience direct to his customers - whether on a lake next to Berlin or even near their front door.

Sometimes it's hard to feel completely relaxed among city crowds. This particular sauna isn't location-specific, as it is mobile and can arrive at any Berlin area destination you prefer, catering to your needs for supreme solitude or fun with friends and family. There are also a variety of models and sizes of barrel saunas to choose from, with the largest fitting up to 12 people at a time.



Director: Wolfgang Ettlich

Director of Photography: Hans Albrecht Lusznat

Assistant Director/Production Manager: Aljoscha Huber

Editors: Jonas Egert & Kate Linhardt

Sound: Silvio Reichenbach

Music: Dieter Schleip


Jana Menge Stefano Gavioli

Andrej Friesen


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