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Kairyou Yu Sento | 海龍遊仙人

Tokyo, Japan

Explore Kairoyou Yu Sento, a simple yet stylish sento within walking distance from Shibuya Station, with Sho Ikushima.


About Kairyou Yu Sento | 海龍遊仙人

Journey to discover the harmonious blend of simplicity and style at Kairyou Yu Sento, a charming sento located within walking distance from the bustling Shibuya Station. Join Sho Ikushima as he guides you through this inviting communal bathhouse, offering a unique glimpse into Tokyo's thriving sento culture.

Nestled in the heart of Shibuya, a province of Tokyo renowned for its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, Kairyou Yu Sento stands as a testament to the convergence of cultures from Japan and around the world. Shibuya, a cultural melting pot, is a fitting backdrop for the communal experience of a sento, where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to partake in the Japanese tradition of communal bathing.

A sentō (銭湯), or public bathhouse, is a cultural institution where patrons pay for entrance to enjoy the soothing and cleansing properties of communal hot baths. Kairyou Yu Sento, while embracing the fundamental essence of a traditional sento, distinguishes itself with a touch of contemporary style. The simplicity of its design is carefully curated to provide a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing environment, inviting visitors to unwind and experience the timeless ritual of Japanese communal bathing.

Sho Ikushima, your guide through this immersive experience, sheds light on the significance of Kairyou Yu Sento within the sento culture of Tokyo. As you explore the sento, you'll discover the artful fusion of tradition and modernity, creating a space that transcends the utilitarian aspects of communal bathing to become an oasis of relaxation. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler seeking an authentic taste of Tokyo's sento culture, Kairyou Yu Sento promises an oasis of serenity amid the vibrant tapestry of Shibuya's cultural diversity.




Director, DP: Kaoru Ima of Exhibit Films Producer: Sho Ikushima of 034Productions

Assistant Camera / Sound Recordists: Ice Elloso; Ryan Gilchrist

Editor: Alex Albers

Cast Sho Ikushima


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