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Butcher's Heat

Copenhagen, Denmark

In this bonus scene from our Perfect Sweat series, follow author and sauna expert, Mikkel Aaland, and sweat master, Lasse Eriksen, join owner Catrine Mannerup, as they enjoy this unique, mobile, wood-fired sauna converted from an old Navy Seal van in Copenhagen, Denmark.


About Butcher's Heat

Discover the exquisite luxury of Butcher's Heat, your exclusive haven for sauna experiences in the port of Copenhagen, Denmark.

SaunaTrucken is a military crew car with a past with the Frømand Corps. The caravan has been converted into an urban mobile sauna with a wood wood-burning stove. The truck is unique and nicely decorated with benches in abachi wood, original butcher tiles, delicious light in a myriad of colors and combinations as well as speakers so that it is possible to stimulate all the guests’ senses.

Butchers Heat offers "saunagus" and is affiliated with several different trained gus masters. Saunagus is aromatherapy in a sauna, where a gus master works with essential oils on the hot stone of the sauna and swings the scent of the oils and the heat around the sauna with a towel so that a pleasant relaxed atmosphere is created. Butcher's Heat uses only pure essential oils, which give a mild scent with varying effects of relaxation, calm, circulation, and cleansing effect, providing renewed energy, and well-being. For most saunagus sessions, it is nice and fresh with a sea depth between each saunagus, – all year round!

This intimate venue accommodates gatherings of up to 12 people, providing an unparalleled setting for the public and for special events.

To elevate your experience, Butcher's Heat offers a selection of refreshing fruit, delectable snacks, and refreshing water, all thoughtfully provided to enhance your well-being.

Nestled near a picturesque harbor, you also have the invigorating option of indulging in cold plunges, further enhancing your rejuvenation amidst the breathtaking scenery.

Butcher's Heat also has a stationary sauna at Margretheholmen Harbor/Refshaleøen. Here you can become a member and have access to the sauna 6 days a week, 11 months a year, or just book a sauna session, even if you are not a member.



Director, Producer: Robin Hansen Tangen Director of Photography (DP): Pål Aleksander Odden Production Manager: Emma Carolina Johansson

Production Assistant: Kine Lepsøe

Drone Operator: Toke Mathias Riskjær

Editor: Alex Albers

Sound: Kristoffer Carstens

Researcher: Einar Wist Øien

Cast Mikkel Aaland

Lasse Eriksen Catrine Mannerup


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