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Three Springs

Siwa, Egypt

Explore three springs in Siwa, Egypt - 'Ayn Qurayshat - the largest free-flowing spring in the oasis 19 miles east of Siwa City, Sabkha Salt Lake, and Omesir Spring & Cave.

Disclaimer: This video contains nudity


About the Three Springs in Siwa, Egypt

In a remote setting, far away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Egypt, Siwa Oasis is in the middle of the Sahara Dessert with hundreds of freshwater hot and cold springs that support hundreds of thousands of date palms and over 50,000 olive trees. Some pools are a part of a salt mine, so some pools are salty which means you can easily float in them. Each spring has their own unique health benefits and the healing properties found at the salt lakes are known for helping with skin disorders and other conditions. According to Connolly Cove, in 2017, the Siwa Oasis was recognized as a global medical and environmental tourism destination.

Learn more about the region, its history and people on Wikipedia - Siwa Oasis



Director: Andreas Johnsen Producer: Rosforth Music: CHLLNGR

Cast Daniel Draper



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