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Jan van Eyck Academie

Maastricht, the Netherlands

This is a unique, homemade, private sauna that is not open to the public, and is only available for those who are a part of the Jan van Eyck Academie.


"Founded in 1948, the Jan van Eyck is a multiform institute for fine art, design and reflection. Located on the border of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, this post-academic institute is a safe haven for talented graphic, fashion and food designers, visual artists, curators, architects, and landscape architects, writers, and other artistic researchers from around the world. They are provided with the time and space to develop their work in breadth and depth with all facilities and expertise at hand. The life at the academy supports a balance between vita activa and the vita contemplativa. The academy provides its residents with a studio where project planning, investigations and reflections can take place. The academy’s resources and Labs – wood, metal, printing & publishing, photography & new media, a library, Food Lab and a Lab for Nature Research – as well as both internal and external events inspire experiments and collaborations, further widening participants’ horizons and skills."


Crew Filmmaker - Sasha Kulak

Sound Recordist - Luisa Puterman

Producer - Emilia Tapprest

Editor - Kate Linhardt


Arvid Jense

Marie Caye

Luisa Puterman

Rita Cuoto Asli Hatipoglu

A. van der Kruijs

Maxim Weirich


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