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Jan van Eyck Academie

Maastricht, the Netherlands

This is a unique, homemade, private sauna that is not open to the public and is only available for those who are a part of the Jan van Eyck


About Jan Van Eyck Academie

Step into the realm of artistic exploration and creative incubation with a glimpse into the exclusive, homemade sanctuary – a private sauna reserved solely for the select community of the  Jan van Eyck Academie. This hidden gem, nestled within the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, serves as a unique haven for individuals affiliated with the Jan van Eyck Academie, a distinguished institution founded in 1948.

The Jan van Eyck Academie stands as a multifaceted institute dedicated to fine art, design, and reflection. More than just an academic institution, it is a post-academic haven that fosters creativity and innovation. This secluded sauna, a private retreat not accessible to the public, becomes a symbol of the unique privileges bestowed upon those fortunate enough to be part of the Jan van Eyck community.

The academy provides a nurturing environment for a diverse array of talents, including graphic, fashion, and food designers, visual artists, curators, architects, landscape architects, writers, and various other artistic researchers from around the globe.

The academy's commitment to fostering a balanced lifestyle is reflected in its support for the "vita activa" (active life) and the "vita contemplativa" (contemplative life). Residents of the academy are equipped with dedicated studios where they can engage in project planning, investigations, and reflections. This environment is enriched by the academy’s extensive resources and Labs, including those for woodwork, metalwork, printing and publishing, photography and new media, as well as specialized labs such as the Food Lab and the Lab for Nature Research.

The private sauna, an intimate retreat within this vibrant artistic community, becomes a symbol of respite and reflection. It is a place where ideas can percolate, collaborations can germinate, and the creative spirit can find solace. As residents immerse themselves in this unique sanctuary, the academy's commitment to supporting experiments and collaborations comes to life, broadening participants' horizons and enhancing their skills.

The Jan van Eyck Academie is not just an institution; it is a living, breathing ecosystem that encourages the cross-pollination of ideas and the exploration of diverse artistic disciplines. Both internal and external events further stimulate experimentation, encouraging individuals to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and refine their artistic visions. In this dynamic and nurturing environment, the private sauna becomes a metaphor for the exclusivity and unique privileges that accompany the residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie, where the convergence of creativity and contemplation forms the essence of a truly enriching artistic experience.


Crew Filmmaker - Sasha Kulak

Sound Recordist - Luisa Puterman

Producer - Emilia Tapprest

Editor - Kate Linhardt


Arvid Jense

Marie Caye

Luisa Puterman

Rita Cuoto Asli Hatipoglu

A. van der Kruijs

Maxim Weirich


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