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Inipi Sauna Gus

Copenhagen, Denmark

About Inipi Sauna Gus

In this bonus scene from the Perfect Sweat series, learn about the fusion of sweat-bathing practices at Inipi Sauna Gus in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Inipi Sauna Gus is a sauna and sweat lodge in Amager Strandpark, and was inspired by the practices and beliefs of the Lakota, or Teton/Western Sioux, a Native American tribe, among other influences. "Inipi" - pronounced "ee-nee-pee" - is a Lakota term for “sweat lodge” that also means "to live again". In Lakota tradition, those looking for a spiritual rebirth or guidance in an upcoming journey would undergo a purification process for humility, strength and power.



Director: Robin Hansen Tangen Director of Photography (DP), Drone Operator: Pål Aleksander Odden

Assistant Camera/Drone Operator: Toke Mathias Riskjær

Production Manager: Emma Carolina Johansson

Production Assistant: Kine Lepsøe Editor: Kate Linhardt & Alex Albers

Sound: Kristoffer Carstens


Lasse Eriksen

Alf Paysen

Lay Pang Ong


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