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Van City's Secret Spas & Mobile Saunas

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In a community in the Pacific Northwest region of Vancouver, the "Fellowship of the Steam" finds its beginnings...


About Van City's Secret Spas & Saunas

In the Vancouver area of British Columbia, a small community has formed around their shared love of sauna culture. Their shared passion is the pursuit of ultimate relaxation through saunas and cold plunges in the stunning surroundings of the region.

Gathered in mobile tent saunas, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this dedicated group embarks on a journey of tranquility. The saunas, fueled by wood-burning stoves, emit a comforting warmth that seeps into their beings, melting away the worries of the world.

The scent of a wood-fired sauna fills the air as the members settle into the heat, embracing the gentle crackling of the fire. Within the steam-filled tent, they find solace, shedding the weight of their daily lives and immersing themselves in a realm of peace.

After reaching a state of blissful heat, they venture outside, where the cool waters of nearby rivers and lakes await. With a collective breath, they plunge into the crisp, refreshing depths, reviving their spirits and invigorating their bodies.

Sharing stories, laughter, and moments of quiet reflection, Vancouver residents foster a sense of community amidst the surrounding wilderness. Together, they celebrate the restorative power of nature and the simple pleasures it bestows.

In Vancouver and its surrounding areas, discover a haven where saunas and cold plunges intertwine, creating a path towards serenity and a shared appreciation for the natural wonders which surround them.



Producer/Director - Zack Robertson

Director of Photography (DP) - Brian Ceci

Editor - Aki Kettula

PA / Sound - Anyela Tejeda


Valtteri Rantala, Brian Carew, Alexia Maynard, Peter Chen

Guests Courtney Burns, Aleks Kasikovic, Dave Gu, Kyla Mackenzie

LauraThird, Roeland Visser, Claudia Bastien


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