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Banya Goosi-Lebedi (Baba Yaga)

Noginsk, Russia

In this bonus scene from the Perfect Sweat series, discover Goosi-Lebedi, a remote, private banya with author, Anna Artemieva and a modern-day Baba Yaga, a steam master who performs soothing rituals between steam and bath.


Situated in a forest near the Chernogolovka River, Goosi-Lebedi is a spa and wellness center that embraces Russian history, folk crafts, and fairy tales for those seeking a magical experience.



Director: Alina Rudnitskaya Director of Photography: Aleksandr Filippov Sound Recordist: Sergey Rybnikov Editors: Gina Leibrecht & Kate Linhardt

Cast Anna Artemieva

Mikkel Aaland

Vladislava Golovchenko


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