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Banya Goosi-Lebedi (Baba Yaga)

Noginsk, Russia

Immerse yourself in the folklore of Baba Yaga at Goosi-Lebedi in Noginsk, Russia.


About Banya Goosi-Lebedi

Step into the enchanting world of Goosi-Lebedi, a secluded and private banya revealed in this exclusive bonus scene from the Perfect Sweat series. Join author Anna Artemieva and a modern-day Baba Yaga, the steam master, as they take you on a mesmerizing journey through this hidden gem where age-old traditions and mystical rituals intertwine to create a truly magical experience.

Nestled in a serene forest near the meandering Chernogolovka River, Goosi-Lebedi is not just a spa and wellness center; it is a portal to Russian history, folk crafts, and fairy tales. As you delve into this extraordinary setting, you'll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere where every detail pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry of Russia.

The heart of Goosi-Lebedi lies in its banya, a traditional Russian bathhouse where the air is infused with the invigorating scent of birch and the sound of crackling wood. Accompanied by Anna Artemieva and the steam master, you'll witness the artistry of rituals that have been passed down through generations. The modern-day Baba Yaga, with her wisdom and expertise, orchestrates a symphony of soothing traditions between steam and bath, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.

The location, with its proximity to the Chernogolovka River, adds a touch of nature's serenity to the ambiance. The sound of rustling leaves and the gentle flow of the river become the backdrop to the spa's holistic approach to well-being, providing a perfect synergy of relaxation and connection to the natural world.

Goosi-Lebedi is more than just a place of physical rejuvenation; it's a living canvas that paints the vivid strokes of Russian folklore. The spa proudly embraces the country's cultural heritage, with every corner adorned with nods to traditional crafts, ancient tales, and the spirit of Baba Yaga herself. From intricate woodwork to captivating murals, the décor is a testament to the dedication of preserving and celebrating Russia's rich history.

For those who seek a magical escape, Goosi-Lebedi offers an otherworldly experience where time seems to stand still. Guests are not mere visitors; they become part of a narrative woven with the threads of tradition, where the line between reality and fairy tale blurs into a seamless tapestry of enchantment.

In this bonus scene from the Perfect Sweat series, let your imagination run wild as you accompany Anna Artemieva and the modern-day Baba Yaga through the captivating realms of Goosi-Lebedi. It's a journey that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to soak in the magic, folklore, and rejuvenation that define this hidden haven in the heart of the Russian wilderness.



Director: Alina Rudnitskaya Director of Photography: Aleksandr Filippov Sound Recordist: Sergey Rybnikov Editors: Gina Leibrecht & Kate Linhardt

Cast Anna Artemieva

Mikkel Aaland

Vladislava Golovchenko


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