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Archimedes Banya

San Francisco, California, USA

In this bonus* scene from our Perfect Sweat series, the owner of Archimedes Banya in San Francisco, Mikhail Brodsky, explains what Banya means, why he created the facility, and what visitors can expect from this unique yet traditional Russian-style bathhouse. Disclaimer: This video contains nudity


Archimedes Banya is a Russian bathhouse in San Francisco, California that is an adult-only facility (18+) that offers a sauna, spa services, hot and cool pools, and a cafe.



Director: Doug Pray


Producer: Teresa Yung

DP: Drew Thomas

Assistant Camera: Patrick Bellante Sound Recordist: Max Osadchenko

Editor: Alex Albers


Teresa Yung Mikhail Brodsky

Mikkel Aaland

Zack Robertson



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