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Banya Alekseeva

Poldosk, Russia

Learn about the legacy of Alekseeva Banya in Podolsk, Russia.


About Banya Alekseeva

"A visit to Alekseev's Baths is definitely worth a visit. The palace style in the interior is striking in its magnificence. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The staff, having learned that we were here for the first time, told in detail and showed where everything was. Comfortable places to stay. Spacious soapy, large Russian steam room. There is a swimming pool with hydromassage, a hot tub with ice water, several dousing devices. For lovers of soft steam, there is also a hamam. The service Tasty steam should be noted separately. By ringing the bell, everyone was invited to the steam room, filled with aromas of herbs. In complete silence, the bathhouse attendants began fanning us with a fan. This is such a delight!" - Trip Advisor Review

Discover the opulent world of Alekseev's Baths alongside Anna Artemieva, as she explores the intricacies of this luxurious bathhouse with its founder, Yury Vladimirovich Alekseev. The journey takes us through two distinct areas for men and women, unveiling the delights of steam rooms, baths, and invigorating cold plunges, all captured in this enticing bonus footage from the Russia episode of the Perfect Sweat Series.

The lavishness of Alekseev's Baths is immediately apparent, with its palace-style interior leaving a lasting impression of grandeur. Every facet of the facility is meticulously designed, creating an atmosphere of magnificence that extends to the smallest details. As Anna Artemieva guides us through, Yury Vladimirovich Alekseev provides insights into the thoughtful planning and opulent touches that make this bathhouse a truly unique experience.

Upon arrival, the attentive staff, sensing the family's first-time visit, generously offers detailed explanations and guided tours. The spacious, well-appointed interiors feature a large Russian steam room and comfortable resting areas, showcasing the careful consideration given to both aesthetics and comfort. Alekseev's Baths becomes a sanctuary where architectural beauty meets functionality, elevating the bathing experience to new heights.

The bathhouse caters to diverse preferences, offering amenities such as a swimming pool with hydromassage, a hot tub with invigorating ice water, and various dousing devices. For those seeking a gentler steam experience, a hamam is available, ensuring that Alekseev's Baths caters to the individual preferences of its guests.

A standout feature captured in the footage is the "Tasty steam" service, where attendants create a sensory journey by infusing the steam room with aromatic herbal scents. In a moment of complete silence, visitors are treated to the gentle caress of fans, adding an extra layer of indulgence and tranquility to the bathhouse experience.

The Trip Advisor review echoes the enchantment felt by visitors, emphasizing the regal ambiance of the palace-style interior, the meticulous design considerations, and the exemplary service provided by the staff. The mention of the "Tasty steam" service underscores the unique and immersive offerings that set Alekseev's Baths apart as a haven of relaxation and pampering.

In essence, a visit to Alekseev's Baths transcends a mere spa day—it becomes a cultural exploration of Russian bathing traditions where luxury, comfort, and sensory delights converge. Immerse yourself in the allure of this extraordinary establishment, where each moment is crafted to offer an unparalleled experience of rejuvenation and indulgence.



Director/Producer: Anna Artemieva Director of Photography: Sasha Kulak

Sound Recordist: Ivan Merkulov Editor: Kate Linhardt


Yuriy Vladimirovich Alekseev

Anna Artemieva


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