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Storfinnhova Gård (Smoke Sauna)

Björkboda / Kemiö, Kemiönsaari Island, Finland

On the largest island of Finland, explore the unique offering of Storfinnhova Gård, a sauna produced entirely with smoke.


About Storfinnhova Gård

"In connection with Metsäkylä, a unique large underground granite smoke sauna has been built. It is located along a beautiful forest stream. The sauna is built from large granite boulders, and approx. 45 sauna-goers can enjoy its baths at once. Metsäpuro, which flows in front of the sauna, flows partly through the sauna. It forms a waterfall and two pools of water in the sauna, one of which serves as a cooling pool for sauna users." ~ Storfinnhova Gård

On the largest island off the Archipelago coast of Finland, explore the unique offering of Storfinnhova Gård, a sauna produced entirely with smoke.

Located 150 km from Helsinki and 77 km from Turku, is a special retreat in the small forest village of Björkboda, in the area of Kemiö, which makes up part of one of the largest islands in Finland, Kemiönsaari.

This special place offers the ability to listen to gentle sounds of the stream crossing the pine forest into the underground sauna located along the stream. In this magical smoke sauna you can relax in the freshwater pool flowing from the stream inside the sauna. It provides a place to cool down between sweat sessions. It’s massive sauna stove has to be heated for three days to fill up the natural granite rock built sauna with heat and smoke and is lit by candles later for guests to sweat bathe in. There are farmhouse villas that can accommodate up to 22 people, as well as Metsäkylä cottages built into treetops that can accommodate 15 people.



Filmmaker - Mika Hotakainen

DP - Sampo Johansson

Production Assistant - Samuel Aarnio


Samuel Aarnio


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