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Särkijärvi Lakeside Sauna

Karelia, Lapland, Finland

Follow a Finnish man practicing the invigorating lifestyle of ice fishing, a traditional sauna, and cold plunge in Särkijärvi, Finland .


About Särkijärvi Lakeside Sauna

Nestled in a serene and snowy landscape, experience a harmonious blend of nature, tradition, and relaxation in the picturesque setting of Särkijärvi as we follow a Finnish man practicing the invigorating lifestyle of ice fishing, a traditional sauna, and cold plunge .

Drilling a hole in the thick ice, Julius sets up his fishing gear, and patiently waits for the catch of the day. The crisp air and the peaceful surroundings create a tranquil atmosphere, enhancing the connection between man and nature.

After a successful ice fishing session, our Finnish protagonist heads to the Lakeside Sauna to unwind and warm up. The sauna, a central part of Finnish culture, becomes a sanctuary where he can cleanse both body and mind. The ritual begins with heating the sauna stove, allowing the room to reach the perfect temperature.

Once the sauna is ready, Julius enters the steam-filled room, enjoying the sensation of the heat on his skin. The process of "loyly," or pouring water on the hot sauna stones, intensifies the heat, creating an atmospheric and purifying steam. This age-old practice not only cleanses the body but also provides a meditative space for reflection and relaxation.

After reveling in the sauna's warmth, Julius takes a bold plunge into the icy waters of Särkijärvi. The cold shock stimulates his senses and invigorates his body, a refreshing contrast to the sauna's heat. This practice is known to improve circulation, boost immunity, and promote a sense of well-being. As he emerges from the cold waters, Julius may choose to repeat the cycle, alternating between the sauna and cold plunges, creating a rhythmic and deeply satisfying ritual.

The Lakeside Sauna at Särkijärvi becomes a haven where nature, tradition, and personal rejuvenation intertwine, offering a glimpse into the rich and fulfilling lifestyle of a Finnish man who cherishes the simplicity and beauty of his surroundings.



Director: Mika Hotakainen Producer: Samuel Aarnio

DP: Sampo Johansson

Camera/Drone: Mikko Leinonen Editor: Ben Kaplan

Cast Julius Laukka


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