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Hov Sauna

Gimsøysand, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Journey with us as we explore the quiet seaside town of Gimsøysand on the shore of the Lofoten islands in Norway, sweat bathing at the Hov Sauna, and cold plunges in the arctic fjord.

Disclaimer: This video contains nudity


About Hov Sauna

The Lofoten Islands have the most stunning surroundings in the world and have received certification as a sustainable destination. In the summer months, the sun is always out, so you can play golf, watch wildlife, go horseback riding on the beach, go hiking, fishing, or rock climbing, at any time. There is a vibrant art scene, galleries and a Viking museum to tour, as well as taste award winning cheeses, go fine dining at restaurants and go shopping in small towns. From September to March, you can see the Northern Lights and in the winter, you can go skiing, or dog sledding.



Director & Producer: : Robin Hansen-Tangen

Production Manager: Charlie Stråhle

DP & Sound: Erik Johnsen

Drone: Erik Johnsen

Editor: Alex Albers

Cast Christoffer Bauer Andreassen Michael Mack Thorud



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