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Banya 5

Seattle, Washington, USA

Banya 5 in Seattle, Washington, offers a wide variety of soothing self-care options for athletes like Jody.


Banya 5 in Seattle, Washington, provides a blend of hydrotherapy, body treatments, and old-world wellness rituals in a spa setting. Visitors can enjoy soaking in a hot tub, taking a cold plunge, and sweating in the steam sauna, or dry sauna, and book massages or scrubs.


Crew Director, Editor: Ian Andreen Production Coordinator: Zack Robertson


Jody Poth

Ethan Bickel Dean Ordello Michele Salas

Sam Lettota J. Richard Stead Megan Dannenberg James Wenlock

Scott Reding

Ken Provosto

Chase Benedict

Robert Bailey

Valerie Jimolina

Myra Gold

Heather Hested

Clementine Dillon

Richard Ziman



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