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Austria Sauna Society

Austria Sauna Society

Founded in 1995, the Forum provides services and information about the wellness and bathing landscape in general, specifically for the sauna, the operator, the producer, the supplier industry and the consumer.

Communication with industry colleagues and specialists
Advice on official requirements, Austrian standards, operating permits and the planning and operation of thermal baths, working groups for sauna technology, standards for hygienic and medical applications, training seminars for staff and planners
Joint promotional activities for member companies
Public relations work for the press, radio, TV, contacts with foreign sauna associations and the international sauna association, current survey results and trends from all over the world.
Training seminars for employees in the wellness area
Starter package with marketing articles for new members
Homepage, trade journal, regular contact via e-mail

User-specific information about:

Instruction booklet for correct saunas
Publications about sauna culture regionally and internationally
Technical innovations with contact addresses for sauna, steam bath, infrared & tepidarium
Publication of medical publications and recommendations
Unselected first-hand insider information

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