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Australian Sweat Bathing Association

Australian Sweat Bathing Association

Established 2016, ASBA is a not-for-profit community organisation.

ASBA is a new not-for-profit association that aims to promote sauna culture in Australia. Established in 2016 by a group of passionate volunteers, ASBA has already become Australia’s representative in the International Sauna Association.

We have a long list of goals – we call it a sprawling vision for a better world. We aim to build a new Australian sauna culture. Become a member to help us make this dream a reality!

We are currently in the process of building the organisation. If you are keen to support the growth of sauna culture in Australia, please consider becoming an ASBA Foundation Member:

While we continue to build content, check out the following links to learn more:

ASBA’s Goals:
A sprawling vision for a better world
The ABSA Constitution:
Architecture of a dream
Not Just Sauna
The scope of ASBA
Run a story about ASBA – come have a sauna with us!

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